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Augusta and Respectable Symbolic Store Love and Charity nº313

Founded on 11/01/1872 in Ribeirão Preto, SP.

149 years of history, culture and education.

Grande Oriente do Brasil

Who we are


The Masonic Lodge Amor e Caridade nº 313 , Rito Adonhiramita, founded in the city of Ribeirão Preto, on November 1, 1872, by Professor Bernardino de Almeida Gouvêa Prata, is a centenary civil, progressive and philanthropic institution, formed by the association of honest men , free and independent, united by the bonds of the narrow fraternity and governed by the principles and doctrines of true universal Freemasonry. It is a private non-profit association, and its Constitutive Acts are registered and filed at the 2nd Registry of Civil Registry of Legal Entities of the District of Ribeirão Preto, under the number 51,115. The Masonic Lodge Amor e Caridade nº 313 is the Mater Cell of Ribeirao-Prana Freemasonry, having as its maxim: “AMOUR ET CHARITÉ”. Its main objective is the improvement of the Human Species, the full exercise of Beneficence and the practice of all Social Virtues. It adopts as a fundamental principle: "THE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND HUMAN SOLIDARITY".

Rito Adonhiramita

Our commitment to history

Rito Adonhiramita

With 149 years of tradition and Masonic activities, our Lodge seeks not only to be a reference of an institution that crosses the course of time but also to transmit a legacy greater than ourselves: on our Facebook page, we have rescued, through official documents and strenuous research , the history of Ribeirão Preto-Freemasonry and families that contributed to the formation of the city that we know today.

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