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First of all, a candidate to join the Masonic Order, must evaluate himself in search of values, customs, attitudes (interior), and externalized social behaviors, comparing them with some premises presented below. They are required quality s of a candidate:

  • being emancipated and of legal age;

  • financially independent;

  • being a man of integrity;

  • be entrepreneurial and capable of assuming responsibilities;

  • have a fixed job, residence and domicile in the city or mediations;

  • believe in God;

  • having a clear idea of ​​virtue and vice, adopting that and rejecting it;

  • be able to grasp liturgical and philosophical knowledge;

  • Distinguish between religion and Freemasonry;

  • present good customs;

  • having a good family;

  • follow the laws;

  • be receptive to ideas;

  • being ideologically aligned with the idea of ​​God;

Admission to Freemasonry is restricted to adult persons without limitations as to race, creed and nationality, as long as they enjoy an unblemished reputation and are full-fledged men.

The acceptance of the request to join the Order depends on an assessment of the Candidate's declaration. The Order expects the Candidate to be sincere in his own conscience, when filling out this form and the other questions requested over time by a proponent.

When someone applies to enter Freemasonry, it is verified in the syndication if they have pecuniary gains that allow them to fulfill their Masonic commitments, without sacrificing the family. It is worth saying that no married man can enter Freemasonry without his wife being in agreement.

It is obvious that, when starting in Freemasonry, the individual must make commitments derived from engaged and responsible participation in the Masonic affairs. Among the commitments and responsibilities, there are those of studying, with an open mind, the Masonic instructions, as well as that of considering dense secrecy about the teachings received and contributing pecuniary to the maintenance of your Lodge and its Obedience. The commitments and responsibilities, by the way, are of the same gender as those found in any human association.

It is an undisputed fact that one of the purposes of the Order is to systematically implant an effective fraternity among human beings in human society.

Contrary to the “folklore” that feeds the belief of many people, Freemasonry is not a secret society and carries out its activities extensively, under the canopy of the legitimacy of its nature and the legality of its administrative, fiscal and tax acts and facts. Its Properties, Constitutions, Amendments, Regulations and Statutes are registered in a real estate registry, titles and documents, and published in the Official Gazette.

Once initiated, the postulant becomes a Freemason, and as such, he will be, forever and ever, under constant surveillance of his own conscience and that of the other Freemasons.

That said, if you are interested in “entering” into Adonhiramite Masonry, contact a Freemason of your knowledge or an Adonhiramite Masonic Lodge.

Do not enter another rite, come and be part of Adonhiramite Masonry!

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